"We are the Climate Busters!"

Meet the Climate Rebel

For the past several years, the climate division of Southwest Weather, Inc. has been led by the “Climate Rebel”. Under the leadership of this individual, Southwest Weather, Inc. has formulated and obtained extensive, dedicated research in all aspects of climatology. The company has been able to present an accurate climatic outlook from the present looking forward, which is available to the public over this web-site.

The “Climate Rebel” obtained a degree in Physical Geography and Earth Science from the University of Southern Connecticut in New Haven, CT. The “Climate Rebel’s” studies specialized in world climate and it’s impact on the population. In addition, studies in various scientific disciplines and serving as a meteorologist in the United States Navy, has given “The Climate Rebel” a unique insight on the climatic systems of the earth.

Southwest Weather, Inc. and “The Climate Rebel” are extremely confident in the climatic outlook presented to our readers.